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To many people EMILIA-ROMAGNA only means good food, sun, beaches and nights out. On the contrary this is a rather rich area: in history, art, culture and traditions.
As recalled by the name itself it is also divided in two areas: Emilia bordering Lombardia, and Romagna facing the Adriatic sea.

As Romagnoli we like to explain how easy it is to find the border between Emilia and Romagna: while travelling south on the Via Emilia pretend you are thirsty. Till you get water you are in Emilia, when you get wine that’s Romagna. In our dialect the word «bé» (to drink) only means wine.

Here’s where our tour begins: in a few minutes you’ll get from the flat sandy coast to the Apennines hills. This is the land where Tiberius's Bridge (Rimini) and Theodoric's Mausoleum (Ravenna) have been preserved – not to mention the mosaics, the castles, the churches; where Julius Caesar crossed the river Rubicon and Cesare Borgia mercilessly ruled (Cesena); where Dante and Garibaldi found shelter and hospitality; where Fellini and Mussolini were born (district of Forlì).

Today this is one of the outstanding though hardly known wine producing areas in Italy, as confirmed by the number of Three Glasses appointed in the past few years by the famous guide "Vini d'Italia" (Gambero Rosso), to mark Romagna's efforts and achievements.  Its Almanacco del Berebene 2005 says :«... now their best Sangioveses are on a par with the greatest Italian Reds ... a constant growth which will undoubtedly reserve us some genuine surprises in the near future». And today these expectations have been fulfilled.
Don’t miss the opportunity of tasting the best SANGIOVESEs (from the latin "sanguis Jovis", named after a hill not far from Rimini), the very father of any good red Wine!
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To enjoy at its best what the Romagna can offer take advantage of an expert's company: Guido Penso, a sommelier from Romagna who will lead your visits in English.

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